This NC High School Offers Marksmanship Training to Qualified Students

High School Shooting Range
High School Shooting Range

One North Carolina school has built an indoor shooting range on its campus, converting an old, dilapidated greenhouse into a facility for its Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program.

Retired Navy veteran and senior Naval Science instructor at the Smithfield-Selma High School joined Fox and Friends Weekend to share more.

“They get to learn a little bit about self-control, self-discipline. What I’m seeing is a tremendous amount of responsibility that these students are taking – a lot of concentration, attention to detail, teamwork,” said Commander David “Mike” Wegman.

“It’s awesome to watch.”
Of course, not just anyone can go in there for shooting practice, Wegman added.


“There’s a pretty rigorous qualification process that all of the student [cadets] have to… adhere to in order to be able to get in there. And if their grades aren’t right, they’re not getting in there anyway. That’s sort of the carrot.”

NC High School Indoor Shooting Range

Despite the fact that the United States compares favorably to other high-income nations in terms of school bullying rates, we are the exception in terms of lethal school violence. The most comprehensive study of school shootings to date—encompassing thirty-eight countries between 1764 and 2009—found that the United States had one less mass shooting than all the other countries combined.

The disparity in lethal school violence between the United States and other countries is almost entirely a function of firearm prevalence. It is not a coincidence that, in the United States, the vast majority of mass killings are carried out with a firearm, while in China, which had the second highest rate of mass killings in the dataset, not a single one was carried out with a gun.


But while American schools may be less safe than their international counterparts, they are still among the safest places in the United States.