Military Tactics Deployed Against Americans?

Military Tactics Deployed Against Americans?

(Modern – Every great civilization that has fallen has done so from the inside out — sometimes from their recklessness, and other times from outside influences. The relevant question to ask is, “are these tactics being used against Americans right now?”

In today’s age, foreign influence comes easily via the internet, particularly on social media sites. Several military tactics are potentially being used against the American people right now.

It’s no secret that another element may manipulate the situation to their advantage when SHTF in a country. It’s happened, time and time again. Libya is an excellent example of SHTF, leading to a civil war and a change in leadership.

Outside entities are likely at work already poking at the American people as part of an effort to wear down the US’s morale. These opportunistic groups look for every potential opportunity to step in and seize control. While some may seem like our friend and ally in a time of need, they could very well be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

A parallel issue is a push for the US to become a socialist or communist state. Democrats promote this narrative with the mainstream media following their lead, encouraging their followers to believe in those systems rather than those that have worked since the nation’s birth.

Outside entities like China boost those efforts, attempting to lead Americans astray. Unaware of this manipulation, ideas like embracing socialism and communism can take root, eventually spreading like a disease.

In these times of social and political unrest, Americans are more susceptible than ever to manipulation by outside elements. The problem becomes intolerable when Democrats and the media play into that narrative as well.

We need to prepare for the possibility of a second civil war in this country; it may be closer than we think. Although most people want to avoid internal strife, there are plenty who embrace the idea.

It’s time for patriots to rise and take a stand against outside manipulation of our systems.

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