Massive Convoy Heads Across Canada To Protest Vaccine Mandates


( – Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, much of the public has been split over how governments should respond. As time passed, some nations took drastic measures to stop the spread of the virus, going so far as to pass mandates requiring certain individuals to become vaccinated against the disease. To many, these medical requirements are an infringement on their personal freedom. Now, tens of thousands of truckers are taking a stand in Canada, making sure the government knows they will not tolerate the mandates.

The convoy, consisting of both vaccinated and unvaccinated truckers, is over 70 kilometers long, according to a spokesperson from “Freedom Convoy.” It’s estimated that 50,000 semis from East and West Canada, along with many American counterparts, make up the record-breaking line of vehicles — and that isn’t counting the number of standard vehicles that are making the trip alongside their long-haul patriots.

The goal is to protest vaccine mandates put in place by the Canadian government for truckers who pass over the border. Canada is known for its borderline tyrannical coronavirus mandates, going so far as to lock down entire cities, much like what is happening in China.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes the participants represent a “small fringe minority” who hold “unacceptable views.” Apparently, Trudeau is ignoring the thousands of people lining the streets to greet, feed, and otherwise support the convoy, along with the tens of thousands partaking in it. As it stands, the line of trucks is set to not only break, but utterly annihilate the previous world record for the longest parade of trucks (the current record is 480 trucks).

As many of these professional drivers are quick to point out, they are the ones who keep Canada (and much of the rest of the world) operating. From fuel to food, nearly everything the country uses each day is supplied by truckers. Should their protest fall on deaf ears, it’s entirely possible they could go on strike — making all of Canada grind to a complete stop.

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