Introducing the World’s First Bulletproof Headscarf

Bulletproof Headscarf
Bulletproof Headscarf

The keffiyeh has always been a symbol of resistance; it was a national for solidarity often worn by Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, it has been worn in the military and as a fashion statement.

The K29 Keffiyeh 001 was created by Beirut designer Salim Kadi. It is a 120 by 120 cm headscarf embroidered with Kevlar, a strong plastic which is typically used for bulletproof vests, boats and airplanes. Kadi stated in an interview with Motherboard that the keffiyeh was worn to protect one from the environment, but violence has become a new environment.

Stopping a bullet to the head would require at least nine layers of Kevlar, which is possible in the way one wraps the keffiyeh around the head.

“The Kevlar is quite stiff in comparison to cotton, but the more it is worn, the suppler it becomes. Wearing it feels like wearing a motorcycle helmet, without the extra weight.”
~Salim Kadi, Designer

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