How to Get the Most Out of Fresh Vegetables

How to Get the Most Out of Fresh Vegetables

Where Should You Store Your Tomatoes?

  • Counter
  • Fridge
  • Cooler
  • TEST
  • Freezer

Answer: Counter

There are many fruits and vegetables that should be stored on the counter, out of sunlight. Tomatoes just happen to be one of them. (Yes, we know tomatoes are actually a fruit, but most people don’t realize it, so we went with the majority.) Apples should be stored on the counter too, until they are more than 7 days old. Potatoes and onions should be stored separately, in dark places. Onions make potatoes sprout eyes, so it’s not a good idea to store them next to each other. Once the onions are cut, they go in the fridge.

Proper storage is just one step in the process. What happens when no one eats the fruit or vegetables and they are getting ready to go bad? That’s when you can dry, cook, or can them. Fruits and some vegetables are great in pies. But, you can also make stews, breads, and sauces out of them.

If all else fails and your fruits and vegetables are too far gone to use for cooking or drying, add them to the compost pile!