How to Get Human Customer Service

How to Get Human Customer Service

What is the Fastest Way to Speak to a Human when Calling Appleā€™s Customer Service Department?

  • Beg
  • Cry
  • Swear
  • TEST
  • Flirt

Answer: Swear

Who says foul language will get you nowhere? Apple, and some other companies, use voice recognition technology that is programmed to sense certain levels of tension. However, since almost everyone who calls customer service is anxious about something, you may have to take it to the extreme to get noticed. Sick of talking to an automated program? Drop the F-bomb and you won’t just get transferred to a human, you’ll also get an apology before the transfer.

Pro Tip: Don’t try this method on humans, even if you are in need of a higher level of intelligence than the one you’re dealing with. They might apologize, but they might also process your request a little slower than usual to exact payment for listening to your colorful vocabulary.