What part of an outdoor survival shelter should you build first?

• The walls
• The bed
• The roof
• The fire pit

Answer: The Bed

The part of an outdoor survival shelter should you build first is the bed. Here’s why…

Knowing how to build an outdoor survival shelter can help save your life. It’s happened far too many times when someone goes out on a one-day hike and become lost. Their survival now depends on their knowledge, skill sets, and preparation.


If you happen to find yourself in a survival situation and you have to build an outdoor survival shelter, it’s important to build the bed of the shelter first to know how big you need to build it, especially if there’s more than one person.

You want to make sure the bed is made off the ground using branches or pieces of wood. This will help protect you from nasty little critters as well as help insulate the ground to keep you warm.

If you don’t have the tools or gear on-hand, simply lay branches, grass, leaves or other soft insulating debris to keep you comfortable and warm.

The most important factor is to be prepared. Remember to carry these 5 categories at all times; Food, water, shelter, first aid, hygiene, and tools. Be sure to bring the necessary equipment, even if it’s only a day hike.


Building a survival shelter with a tarp.