Leather Quality and Warranty

This survival knife uses the best leather, the best hardware, and the best American craftsmen. The result is a product that is built like a tank, and will probably last you just as long. That’s why these and other leather products are backed with a 25 year warranty. That means for the original owner, if any hardware breaks, if a single stitch comes loose, or anything at all goes wrong over 25 years of ownership, you can send it back to be fixed or replaced. The ONLY thing not covered is intentional abuse. That means you can’t use it as a frisbee for your dog or a wheel chock for your truck.

Function First

These sheaths are built with a “Function First” design philosophy. This means that a feature is only allowed to be on the product if it helps the usability in a survival situation. There are no gadgets, no frills, and no distracting gizmos… just pure function, through and through.

Made In The USA

The entire product line is made in America: St. Louis, Missouri to be exact. Obviously this allows for the best quality possible, and a sense of pride for investing in America.



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