Global Killer: Doing This Right Is Key

Global Killer: Doing This Right Is Key

( – The president touts one treatment, his opposers another. And there are a wide variety of suggestions in between. The one thing we can all agree on is that cleanliness is a key element. And yet, even that can take a wrong turn — but, it doesn’t have to.

Sing all the songs you want. In fact, sing as many as you want. It still won’t help unless you’re washing your hands correctly. Want to see if you’re doing it right? One nurse offers a demonstration that may have you reteaching your loved ones how it’s done.

There’s no mistaking how effective this nurse’s method is. You might even want to use her demonstration as a tool of your own, and give the family a fun new way to check their own skills. To do this, try blindfolding one of them, then put non-toxic paint in the palm of their hand and indicate that it’s soap. When they’re done, you can all see the results and use the video to show you the correct way to make sure it’s done right.

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