Fauci Challenged, Media Buries Evidence

Fauci Challenged, Media Buries Evidence

(Modern Survival.org) – There’s no question that both the mainstream media (MSM) and social media are biased. So biased in fact that they would rather bury a story than to potentially save lives. Why? Well, a wild guess would say for political reasons.

Twitter and Facebook are both under fire for removing a video of doctors in front of the Supreme Court. One of them, Dr. Stella Immanuel, claimed in the video that she has treated more than 350 COVID patients. Some patients had diabetes or high blood pressure, but not one of them died after being treated with a combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax. She added that she even uses the drug in prophylactic measures.

Twitter claimed the video was removed within its policy on coronavirus misinformation in a statement to CNN. Breitbart was told by Facebook that the video was removed because it contained false information regarding cures and treatments for COVID-19.

In another video, Dr. Immanuel dared those working at CNN and Dr. Anthony Fauci himself to take urinalysis, or urine tests, to prove they’re not taking hydroxychloroquine. She went on to say until they take these tests (and come back negative for the drug) they should stop telling Americans not to take it.

Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, told FOX News that hydroxychloroquine has the potential to save anywhere from 75,000 to 100,000 lives if used widely to treat COVID.

With so many voices in the media telling us to trust doctors when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, one has to wonder why they are pushing so hard to censor these professionals. Some are going to great lengths to discredit these medical professionals in order to suppress their message. If the doctors are right, and COVID is treatable, who has the most to lose by allowing the information out?

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