Emergency Food Supplier Runs Out of Supplies


(ModernSurvival.org) – The global supply chain has been hit hard since the initial onslaught of the coronavirus. Shelves have gone empty, and recently, the United Nations even received a warning letter from the workers who keep goods moving. Now, it seems that even emergency food suppliers are being hit by shortages.

Augason Farms, one of the country’s largest emergency food suppliers, has been in operation since 1972. However, as of October 7, 2021, the manufacturer has suspended business for 90 days.

The company announced the suspension to their customers through a letter, explaining they’re unable to obtain the materials required to create their products. Even the Augason Farms website shows they’re no longer accepting orders at this time.

When a manufacturer of emergency food for preppers is no longer able to operate due to shortages, it’s a good sign that the supply chain is in serious danger. President Joe Biden is launching plans to have West Coast ports operate 24 hours a day to combat the shortages, but will it be enough?

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the time to prepare is now. Even if the supply chain doesn’t collapse, at worst, having emergency supplies of food means being able to eat at home down the road. If shelves do go bare, being prepared could mean the difference between eating and starvation.

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