DOT Tweeting About… Bigfoot?

DOT Tweeting About... Bigfoot?

( – Whether you believe in the elusive sasquatch or not, it can’t be denied that there’s been a lot of publicity surrounding the mysterious creature over the years. Now the Department of Transportation (DOT) has joined the fray.

A recent tweet from the DOT shows what many believe to be a bigfoot captured by a traffic camera on Sherman Pass in Washington state.

In fact, in their tweet the DOT even stated that it may be a bigfoot.

The location where the photo was taken raises some doubts that it could be a person parading for the camera in an ape suit, as it was in a remote area of the state in the dead of winter.

The arguments for and against the existence of sasquatch go as far back as the sightings themselves. Regardless of the truth, we always need to be ready to face any danger in the wild — be it a giant cryptid, a bear, or a crazy person in a costume.

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