Cure an Infection without Antibiotics

Cure an Infection without Antibiotics
Cure an Infection without Antibiotics

(Modern – In America, we get antibiotics so frequently that most of us don’t even question it anymore. But antibiotics can do more harm than good in the long run, so it’s important to understand how they work and how you can cure infections without them.

How Antibiotics Work

Antibiotics do one of two things: they break through cell walls to kill bacteria, or they prevent the bacteria from being able to reproduce. The problem is, antibiotics don’t know the difference between the bacteria your own body produces to fight infection and keep your system healthy and the bacteria that is attacking your system. Antibiotics wipe out even good bacteria.

General Health and Probiotics

Just like antibiotics kill bacteria, probiotics encourage their growth. When you’re healthy, these probiotics cause healthy, immuno-supportive bacteria to thrive. That means when a foreign bacteria enters your system, your strong team of infection-fighting bacteria and white blood cells can fight off the foreign bacteria. Therefore, the key to fighting infection isn’t in the right antibiotics, but in a healthy immune system. You can even promote probiotic growth in your system by eating things like yogurt with live active yeast cultures.

Fighting Existing Infections

It’s great to know how to create healthy bacteria in your system, but what happens if you already have an infection and a compromised immune system?


The first thing you need to do is to reduce the burden on your body. It needs all its strength to fight the infection. You don’t want to waste any of that strength fighting off toxins you can avoid. Skip the meat, refined foods and sugars. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, other mood altering chemicals, and dairy products.

Make things as easy on your body as you can. Get lots of rest. Eat lots of things like vegetable broth and warm, clear liquids. This way, your body doesn’t have to work as hard to digest what you give it, and all of its attention can be drawn to pulling the vitamins and minerals from the food.

Focus on Infection

Now you’ve reduced the strain on your body and it’s time to help it fight the infection itself. It helps if you’re somewhat knowledgeable about vitamins, minerals, foods, and plants. But, in general, Vitamin C, zinc, and beta carotene are great for boosting the immune system, as well as echinacea and Hydrastis. In other words, a beef broth with carrots, garlic, and kale or broccoli followed by a cup of echinacea tea should go a long way toward you feeling better.

Specific foods, plants and even sunlight can help target specific infections. They don’t act as antibiotics. Instead, they strengthen specific systems in your body so that your body has a bit more natural ammo to fight things off. Boosting your immune system is a great place to start, but to be really effective, you need to boost specific systems while eliminating any strain on your body. A couple of examples are below, and if you check back frequently, you’ll find that we are constantly adding more information on this topic.


Urinary Infections: Cranberries and cranberry juice are great for boosting urinary health. Avoid things made from concentrate, because they don’t contain the natural ingredients that work so well.

Infected Skin: Any wound needs to be treated and kept clean to avoid further infections. You can clean the area with any type of vinegar, and use comfrey, or plantain as a treatment. Tinctures made of Calendula or Hypercium are particularly effective for skin infections.

At Modern Survival, we are dedicated to promoting awareness so that you have a better chance at being healthy in all ways, and self-reliant in your efforts. Be sure to check back soon to learn more about fighting infections and other topics.

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