Whistleblower Reignites COVID Conspiracy

COVID Manmade... I Can Prove It!

(Modern Survival.org) – The coronavirus has remained the center of attention for the majority of 2020. We know it came from China, and we know the communist country mishandled the virus. Its lack of transparency allowed the pandemic to spread rapidly throughout the world. China has been hiding something from the get-go, but what?

The formerly Hong Kong based Dr. Li-Meng Yan claims to know the answer to that question. The Chinese virologist fled to the US, where she is now claiming the coronavirus is man-made, adding she has the evidence to prove it. On the British talk show “Loose Women,” Dr. Yan explained that she was the first Chinese scientist to study the virus. She advanced her claims, adding that China, led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has been lying about COVID-19’s origins.

As of now, the story China has fed the rest of the world is that the virus originated from a wet market in Wuhan. Li-Meng, however, says the virus came from the now infamous bio lab in Wuhan. Dr. Yan went as far as to tell “Loose Women” that she has the evidence and intends to publish it, adding she has to prove the CCP’s responsibility for the COVID-19 pandemic that swept the world.

If what Dr. Yan’s claim is true, then what else could they be brewing up in those bio labs? This would mean they could unleash another disease, possibly a more fatal one, at any time. If that doesn’t call for the need to prepare, maybe you just don’t like living.

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