COVID 2.0 Incoming? Prepare, Not Panic

COVID 2.0 Incoming? Prepare, Not Panic

(Modern – The United States, and the world, is still reeling from the first round of battle with the coronavirus. Countries are still closed off from travel, and in many areas, lockdowns remain in place. As testing ramps up, so does the number of positive cases — but if you look closely, the number of weekly COVID deaths is consistently dropping.

The fear-mongering mainstream media (MSM), knowing the actual death rates are dropping, have found a new illness to push their terror campaign. Of course, it too originates from China.

The new flu virus, which is reportedly capable of infecting humans, comes from pigs. The BBC claims the flu has the potential to create yet another global pandemic.

As survivalists, we should keep this new threat on the radar, however, (if COVID has taught us anything) we also need to keep a level head about this. When the coronavirus began sweeping through the nation, basic necessities disappeared from shelves because people panicked.

The best thing we can do right now is to stay calm and prepare. Should this flu make its way here and have the devastating impact the MSM wants us to believe it will, being stocked up and ready to weather the storm is going to put us lightyears ahead of those who haven’t learned their lesson from COVID.

As always, keep a wary eye on the news, but don’t buy into the panic. Take the necessary precautions, stock up when and how you can, and rest easy knowing you are far better prepared than most of the world.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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