COVID-19 Panic Buying Sparks Retail Changes

COVID-19 Panic Buying Sparks Retail Changes

( – If you’ve been to a store recently, you probably found that many essential items are missing. Things such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, ramen noodles, rice, beans, meats — even ice cream are all gone.

The coronavirus has created a panic rush to buy up items that one might need should a quarantine be put in place. Unfortunately, this mad stampede is putting many of the most at-risk people in the country in a bad place. Senior citizens, many of whom live on a budget, are finding it difficult to get supplies for themselves.

To combat the hoarders, stores such as Walmart and Kroger have issued statements saying they’re implementing changes to their hours of operation. Many retailers are also capping the number of essential items that can be purchased in one transaction to ensure panic buyers don’t wipe them out.

To help the aging population, some vendors, such as Woolworths, are offering hours exclusively for them to shop. This will provide time to purchase products that they’re having trouble getting now.

If there was ever an event to justify the prepper lifestyle, we are seeing it play out now. With shelves emptying, and people panicking, it is a shining example of why having emergency supplies is a good idea. Luckily, actions are being taken to help those who didn’t (or couldn’t) prepare before the virus exploded around the world.

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