Coronavirus Reveals America’s True Colors

Coronavirus Reveals America's True Colors

( – The American spirit is legendary. It brought the nation through two World Wars, The Great Depression and The Spanish Influenza. Now it’s on display against the threat of the coronavirus.

People around the nation are uniting to support one another in taking the fight to COVID-19. From firefighters applauding hospital workers, to families placing stuffed animals in windows for children, the true light of the American people is shining for all to see.

People around the world are also coming together by cheering and clapping for healthcare workers during shift changes to honor their sacrifice and duty during this pandemic. In New York City, it has become a nightly event dubbed “Clap for NYC.” The virus may have the world on lockdown, but we refuse to let it break our will.


On March 15, 2020, President Donald Trump called on the Nation to hold a day of prayer for all Americans affected by the disease. Now, people on social media are calling for a world wide time of prayer and meditation on April 4, at 7:45 PM PST to end to the coronavirus threat and bring hope to the idea that the world can come out of this better than it went in.

Even in the darkest times, hope is always there. Yes, the pandemic has brought pain and suffering to everyone, both around the world and here at home, but the American spirit will not be broken. Humanity around the globe is proving that despite our differences, we can come together to raise each other up.

~Here’s to Your Survival!


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