Concealed Carry Gets Deceptively Stealthy


(Modern – One difficult-to-overcome aspect of concealed carry is actually concealing the firearm. Not everyone wants those around them to know they’re armed, and many of the concealed carry options can be spotted from a distance by a trained eye. Additionally, having a visible gun on your person is a good way to shatter your gray man status, or worse yet, make you a target in an emergency situation such as an active shooter event.

To combat these issues, Ideal Conceal has created a rather unique firearm — that has sparked controversy. So why is this tool getting heat?

In the following video, DemolitionRanch provides a lighthearted review of the Ideal Conceal pistol, which happens to be designed to look like a cellphone:

As the video shows, the Ideal Conceal is roughly the same shape and size as a cellphone, making it a perfect candidate for everyday carry (EDC). The gun’s silhouette when in a pocket is indistinguishable from a smartphone, and would be unlikely to raise suspicions from passersby that you’re armed.

When folded from its smartphone disguise into firing position, the pistol becomes a dual-barrel derringer that fires .380 caliber rounds. For many, this is the perfect self-defense tool as it combines both stopping power and stealth.

Not everyone’s excited about this product, however. The same qualities that make it a great addition to a stealth loadout, also bring heavy criticism from those who oppose the firearm. Concerns about the design range from a fear that children will mistake the pistol for a smartphone, to the idea that law enforcement will be forced to target a wider range of people.

If you decide to purchase an Ideal Conceal pistol, it’s a good idea to check local and state laws first as the rules for concealed carry vary from one area to another.

Staying safe is a concern each time you step out of the door, this is why EDC is so important. Having the right tools on hand at all times can save you from a bad situation.

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