Cancel Culture Gains Ally in War on History

Cancel Culture Gains Ally in War on History

(Modern – Cancel culture has proven to be dangerous to our society people are losing their jobs and livelihoods, even statues and monuments have been under attack. Now, our history is in peril from yet another threat.

According to research, many museum directors fear they may not be able to recover from their financial losses. The coronavirus has affected businesses nationwide and museums were no exception. 760 museums had their directors surveyed between June 8th and 30th. About one-third of those surveyed don’t feel confident that their museums will survive over the next 16 months without additional support. Another 16% believe their museums will have to close indefinitely.

Employees have perhaps suffered more than the museums they work for, with 40% of the directors stating they had to lay-off a portion of their employees. Another 41% have stated that they’re likely going to reopen with a reduced number of employees.


Between the COVID threat and the hordes of modern-day book burners, there should be great concern that our history will be lost or completely re-written to serve an agenda. Preserve what you can on your own in case the day comes when teaching the next generation falls upon your shoulders. Who knows what will be left once the insanity of these times has passed?

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