Biden Announces Retaliation Plan Should Russia Invade Ukraine


( – Tensions are running high as Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to bolster troops along the border of Ukraine. Military officials in Ukraine fear that Putin will pull the trigger on a full-bore invasion by the end of January 2022. After recent talks with Putin, President Biden has announced his plans to handle a potential invasion.

According to Joe Biden, sending troops in to aid Ukraine should Russia invade is “not on the table.” Biden claims the US is not morally or legally obligated to defend Ukraine, as it isn’t a part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

While the President says the United States military will remain out of the conflict, Biden’s words have lost a lot of credibility in some circles since he entered office. As Lynn Afendoulis points out in the Tweet above, Biden’s words don’t always align with his actions.

Biden did state there would be economic consequences for Russia, should Putin decide to unleash his troops on Ukraine.

The President’s administration is also looking at ways to evacuate United States citizens from Ukraine if Russia does make a move. That has to bring some peace of mind to those staring down the barrel of a potential war, especially with the Afghanistan exit fresh on their minds.

Should Putin move forward against Ukraine, it’s really anyone’s guess what Biden will actually do. The President is becoming famous for saying one thing and doing another.

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