Best Way to Get Through a Divorce

Best Way to Get Through a Divorce

What Method is Best for Healing After a Divorce?

  • Cut Ties
  • Couples Therapy
  • Talking Online
  • TEST
  • Avoid Lawyers

Answer: Cut Ties

Divorce is so painful that people tend to experience the same emotional steps that they would if someone had died. Sometimes, it’s even more painful than death because the person is still around, but not with you. Because of this, it’s better to cut ties completely in order to let the healing begin.

The time for couples therapy has passed. Communicating online can make things worse because you can do it any time, but since there is no tone or inflection in text, it’s easy to misunderstand things and make the situation worse. And, though you might think you don’t want a lawyer, it’s really best to hire one so that someone objective is there to look out for your interests when your own emotions might influence the decisions you have to make.

No one says that you can never speak to your former spouse again, but if possible, cutting ties is the best way to allow yourself time to grieve privately and start planning your life as an individual rather than a couple.