Best Foods for Fuller Hair

Best Foods for Fuller Hair

Which One is Best for Reducing the Appearance of Hair Loss?

  • Smoking
  • Fish Oil
  • Hair Gel
  • TEST
  • UV Rays

Answer: Fish Oil

Everything else on the list can lead to hair loss. But, the Omega-3 found in fish oil has been proven to reduce the appearance of hair loss by thickening the hair follicles. If you have a vitamin deficiency, it can reduce the loss of hair as well. In one study, 89.9% of the participants involved reported a reduction in hair loss over six months after taking Omega-3 supplements. Photographs confirmed that the hair appeared fuller and thicker overall, with good reason. When the hairs were measured, more than 80% of them were thicker.

Thickening Hair with Omega-3

Even if you have a genetic tendency that causes hair loss, thickening the hair can make it look as if you have more of it. Foods like tuna, salmon, and white fish contain Omega-3, but you don’t have to eat fish to get Omega-3. It can also be found in walnuts and egg yolks.


Deficiencies in Biotin plays an important role in hair loss. In fact, Biotin deficiency is the reason that many women lose hair after giving birth, but it can impact men as well. When external factors like smoking or overuse of shampoo or other hair products is involved, Biotin can help repair the damage. B5 can help too, by promoting a healthy adrenal gland that can stimulate hair growth. These vitamins can be found in eggs, avocados, legumes, beef, chicken, potatoes, and nuts.

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