Best Coins for Savings and Other Things

Best Coins for Savings

Which Coins are the Best for Savings and Use Outside of Currency?

  • Pennies
  • Nickels
  • Dimes
  • TEST
  • Quarters

Answer: Dimes

Dimes are the best for savings because they are so small that they can be easily stored and transported, but they also add up quickly before you realize it. On top of that, if you buy dimes from the bank every week, you might get lucky and find some older ones that are worth far more than $.10. But, there are other things as well.

In a pinch, dimes can be used as ammo. Of course, they require a modified (sawed-off) barrel, which brings me to the next handy tip. If you want to see whether the barrel of a gun is sawed-off or not, try fitting a dime in it. If the barrel has not been modified, the dime won’t fit.

What else can you use dimes for? Well, they make a small, but fitting flat screwdriver. They are also shiny enough to attract small game like raccoons and other animals that like to hoard shiny things.