Bartering in a Collapsed World

Bartering In Collapsed World

( – In the event of a major economic collapse, or any other “the end of the world as we know it” (TEOTWAWKI) crisis, money isn’t going to hold its value for long. You’ll need to find other avenues for trade.

In this video, Prepper University has provided us with their top ten items for bartering in such an event.

The harder something is to get after the SHTF, the more likely it’ll have a higher worth. Medications, for example, could be very hard to get when supplies stop moving. This will make them incredibly valuable.

Many preppers have a lone wolf mentality, but in all likelihood, we will have to interact with other people eventually. Knowing what items will hold value after society fails gives us an advantage in the new world that will rise from the rubble.

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