AI to Be Fitted with Human Brain

AI to Be Fitted with Human Brain

(Modern – As mankind marches ahead, things that were once only depictions of the future in old movies are becoming reality. While we don’t have flying cars, we do have cell phones and laser weapons. Now we have something else that seems like it’s from a sci-fi movie.

If you’re looking for a place setting its sights on incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) with the human brain, look no further than the US Army. National Interest reports that the Army is looking to help soldiers avoid danger. This will be no small feat however, scientists need to work on measuring, analyzing, processing, and transmitting the electro-chemical signals sent by the brain.

John Touryan, researcher of cognitive neurosciences for the Army Research Laboratory, stated that they’re working on a sensor to measure those elements of brain activity. The soldiers would then wear glasses with the sensors integrated into them, equipped with AI-algorithms that are under development. Touryan stated that when the eye catches something of interest, the brain will receive a signal that can then be recorded and analyzed. Touryan said the goal here is to use AI “as a teammate and not a tool.”

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